Foreword by the Chief Executive Officer

This year 2018, was a year of reckoning, said His Excellency President, Dr. Hage G. Geingob. That tone alone was enough for Omuthiya Town Council to realign and plan within the framework of the call of His Excellency the President. As a Chief Executive officer, I would like first and foremost to acknowledge the immense contribution of our Mayor, Hon. Katrina Uusiku, for her visionary leadership and dedication. One can relate to the forward statement in this strategic plan, she has set a tone and the journey for preparing the strategic plan for 2018 -2023.

In HARAMBEE spirit, a team of Omuthiya Local Authority Councillors, Staff members, stakeholders, community members and two distinct consultants from Price Waterhouse Coopers pulled the rope on one direction to craft, construct and produce a five year strategic plan for Omuthiya Town Council. I was astounded how the team has been work-shopping and putting the idea together to make Omuthiya a vibrant and attractive town. Their valued input and contributions cannot be measured; one can only appreciate and realign oneself with such an amazing plan.

The plan has a distinct mission, embedded core values which are engraved in four strategic themes and embodied in various key strategic objectives and result orientated initiatives. Surely the implementation needs collective effort by a variety of stakeholders, business community, residents, tourists, visitors and Council members and the supporting staffs. Only then the realization and the dreams and aspiration of the crafters will be realized. Hence I can only urge and invite a full collaborations and support for everyone in fulfillment of the great strategic plan.
I am therefore proud of what has been done thus far, my hat is off.

Samuel P Mbango